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Undoubtedly the most popular of the deer hunting categories, white tail deer hunting is one of the U.S. hunters’ favorite pastimes. It started off shyly at the beginning of the last century but is now enjoying increasing support and popularity amongst newer and older hunting enthusiasts equally. Nevertheless, it had its ups and downs along the way, knowing a downfall in the mid-20th century, but today it’s in full swing across Northern America and especially the Northern part of Europe.

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Whereas other hunting branches confront themselves with serious problems regarding hunting locations, severe government restrictions or conservation ecologists, this particular hunting subdivision is fully encouraged by private and public organizations. In fact, this happens because the white-tailed deer have flourished in the last decades (due to a protest by hunters and other protection ecologists, commercial abuse of deer becoming illegal) gathering now about 30 million in the United States alone. Providing that in the 1930’s the deer population barely reached 300,000, the conservation programs together with synchronized hunting proved most effective and are now tried on other, more problematic hunting genres.

However, in a number of areas deer have grown in numbers in such a way that they are practically a nuisance; motor vehicle accidents with deer are a severe problem in several parts of the creature’s range, in particular at night and throughout the rutting season, causing injuries and wounded amongst both deer and humans. In the case of high population concentrations, farmers can undergo economic damage by deer ravages of cash crops, particularly in orchards and maize.

White tail deer hunting is a practice that requires all the primal things as any other hunting kind: patience, preparation and strategy, but also a higher determination level because the results often appear long after you would expect. Calling for deer, for instance, can take for as long as an hour before a deer actually comes … if at all. Therefore, previous to arming yourself with the appropriate rifle and scope arm yourself with steel patience and will to come home with a beautiful white-tailed deer. Apart from these, preparation is a key element and should never be treated lightly as it guarantees a successful hunting session, if done properly. First off, finding a good hunting stand should always be around thick cover or, if you prefer abundantly leafed trees. Next on your mind should be hiding your presence as deer have excellent sight, hearing and smell; therefore you must disguise yourself using camouflage clothing (or a camouflage blanket to wrap around you, making no unnecessary sound and always placing your stand downwind.

With its obvious appeal on hunters all over North America, white tail deer hunting is sure to become even more popular in the years to come through the numerous emerging locations, kind restrictions and adequate attitude from public organizations towards hunting deer. The most optimistic opinions tend to predict that this practice will slowly but surely “capture” more and more regions globally, and thus we can expect to be able to hunt white-tailed deer from nearly every corner of the world.

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