Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

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Always be attentive. Listen closely for crunching noises and breaking twigs. Watch for even the slightest movement. Also look for deer parts; sometimes you won’t see the whole deer. Look for a head, a horn, an ear, a leg or a patch of brown or white.

If you hunt from a tree stand carry an empty plastic bottle with a good sealing type lid. When nature calls, just use the plastic bottle. It will save you a trip down the tree. You shouldn’t leave your scent around your stand area because the deer will smell it and they won’t come anywhere near your stand.

Do not be dressed in or bring anything white as you run the risk of being mistaken for a deer. If you think of using a map on the hunting field, most likely it has a white rear on it. This can be potentially risky since a deer, with its white tail up and you holding a map, with a white back, might look very similar to other hunters. You should consider embroidering or pasting a piece of camouflage cloth to the map’s back. If the map you have is made of paper, you may think about adding synthetic laminating pages on the frontage and back previous to the fabric being sewn on to reinforce the stitches. This trick also makes the map waterproof.

If you must pass through thick cover to reach your hunting stand, try laying a fallen log or two in trouble spots where you think you might make a lot of noise. The next time you go to your stand you can walk on these logs and make a much quieter approach.

When deer hunting always check which way the wind is blowing. The reason is so that the deer will not smell your scent on the air currents. If they do smell your scent they will turn around and leave or bed down. They might bed down and watch you for as long as you stay at your stand. Always place your stand down wind of the place where you expect to see deer.

If you perform calling too frequently, the deer will get frightened as it will sound far from natural. You should call every 20-30 minutes; also differ the volume of the calls. If a deer is nearby you wouldn’t want it to be excessively loud. If you spot a buck at 150 yards and it’s windy, blow harder until you have gotten his attention he will lift his head and gaze towards your direction. Immediately after doing so grunt softer and softer; this will make him to come closer.

If you are a smoker you should know it is never a good idea to smoke while hunting. Try chewing some sort of gum. Cherry or wintergreen flavor have a woody kind of smell that might not alert the deer. Better yet, while hunting, use a nicotine patch to reduce the craving.

The most important safety precaution is to always wear at least one piece of hunter orange clothing. Always use a flashlight, when you’re moving through the woods or getting in and out of your stand, in low light conditions. One other thing to remember is that you and your hunting partners carry 2 way radios. It is best if you only talk on the radio if there’s something terribly wrong or if, of course, you’ve just shot that trophy buck. Hunt smart and you will stay safe.

When rifle hunting try keeping your scope covers on your scope until you are ready to shoot, especially in wet and snowy weather. It may take a little more time to get ready for a shot, but you will be able to see your target through your scope.

To hide your stand, buy a camouflage tarp or camouflage blanket to wrap around your stand. This works for both gun and archery season. The deer will not see your movement and it will also muffle sound - this is very effective. Before putting the camouflage on your stand, spray it with cover scent and leave it outside for one week to hide the smell.

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